The Melancholy Drawing

In search of the spark cast from the train of the robe of God.

Shale: 9

My fingers are tender and creased by aimless plucking, after finding a breath of catharsis in my parent’s quiet basement. I was the only one to hear it all, and I … Continue reading

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Shale: 8

Today marks one week swimming in rapid adjustment to where I am post-severance. Really? Only seven days? It feels lengths longer. Just then I was out west , by the water, … Continue reading

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Shale: 7

No longer do I hope for a mind packed away; delicately suspended in fluid. Such quieting of acoustics would diminish the turbulence of being, but not merely negate the shrill noises. And … Continue reading

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Shale: 6

Shale is my creative process. As is my condition. Over the past several days I have stood above the end of a lengthy cord, static on the ground. One which I … Continue reading

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Shale: 5

For some time I have been spending a substantial amount of brain space reflecting on and picking at creativity. This exertion has varied from appreciation in its purest, to convoluted greed. Too … Continue reading

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Shale: 4

After implementing a bit of structure, just two sessions of drawing, and a bit of sketching, I feel relieved. Gradually moving from beneath the residual weight of creative void. Filled … Continue reading

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Shale: 3

Freedom is good, but I’ll take it with a bit of structure. In this process of “creative process,” I am realizing more and more the necessity of periphery. Without constraints I … Continue reading

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