The Melancholy Drawing

In search of the spark cast from the train of the robe of God.

Shale: 4

After implementing a bit of structure, just two sessions of drawing, and a bit of sketching, I feel relieved. Gradually moving from beneath the residual weight of creative void. Filled … Continue reading

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Shale: 3

Freedom is good, but I’ll take it with a bit of structure. In this process of “creative process,” I am realizing more and more the necessity of┬áperiphery. Without constraints I … Continue reading

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Shale: 2

With a lack of formality or rhythm of posting, I’ve nearly forgotten about this space. But not altogether. In my previous process of “creative risk taking,” I have found myself … Continue reading

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Shale: 1

In the past I have attempted the task of the “serial blog,” posting daily in seasons away from academics. However, since last summer, this has fizzled as my motivation and … Continue reading

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Lag at Intersection: 6

I am often daunted by how to open each session of writing, so this is my cop out for today. In an effort to find content that is not mundane, … Continue reading

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Lag at Intersection: 5

The majority of this way was eager and caffeinated. Shaking hands with plenty of strangers, and forgetting a lot of names in the Denver “creative” scene. It is always mildly … Continue reading

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Lag at Intersection: 4

On the other side of Yule, after a bit of a recess, I have found the space to write once more. The days have been bountiful, with the blessing of … Continue reading

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