The Melancholy Drawing

Answering to a taste of something real.

Shale: 20

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new era in my life. I will be flying from home, to a new home. The city I land in is the same, but … Continue reading

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Shale: 19

Despite a fragile mind, this evening I was blessed. As the summer approached some three months ago, and Colorado beckoned, one of my greatest hopes was for evening storms in the cool … Continue reading

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Shale: 18

Over the past week, I’ve watched a couple rather depressing films, tied together by a theme (of my own interpretation): life is shale. The more noteworthy of the two flicks, Magnolia, directed … Continue reading

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Shale: 17

I myself am shale. As summer’s close grows nearer and nearer, I realize it’s turbulence. The past month has been one of strength and sorrow, joy and misery. The former … Continue reading

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Shale: 16

You’re a creature of the desert. Afraid of your own reflection. You’ve seen it in the rippling oasis, And in that wake you looked distorted and bestial. And it frightened … Continue reading

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Shale: 15

  Today I began a leisurely Bachelor weekend with an old high school friend. (He is to be married off in the smoldering heat of a North Dakota Winter). The … Continue reading

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Shale: 14

As of late, I’ve been binge-listening to a variety of podcasts. Whatever I can get my ears on, really, from musician interviews with David Dye, to the dry delivery of … Continue reading

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Shale: 13

This series began as a reflection on the fragility of my creative process, but I am realizing this theme of delicacy is transcendent of just about every thing. Specifically, in … Continue reading

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Shale: 12

      For 26 years I’ve lived in this beaker.All atmosphere removed, save for necessitates to subsist.My environment boils, but not with the simmering of heat.Rather, loose ends and … Continue reading

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Shale: 11

After a brief Midwest hiatus, writing resumes. Over the past weekend, I spent roughly 26 hours away from home in a significantly more humid climate. I traveled with family to … Continue reading

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